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Music therapist and workshop leader


Music has been known to have therapeutic qualities since ancient times.   We all respond to music in some way – to lift our mood, to reminisce, to energise, to celebrate, to soothe and calm.  Whether we play, sing, listen or dance, we are responding to music.  It can also open the door to suppressed emotions, and with that aspect in mind I use it with care and containment to develop workshops for work groups, in the workplace, at home or in blended, mixed-location work situations.

I have had many years’ experience working for the NHS in mental health, in learning disability and in education.   I have worked with groups and individuals across a wide range of ages from 3 to 83, and addressing problems including mental illness, dementia, emotional and behavioural disorders including the autistic spectrum.   At the present moment I am not taking direct referrals to music therapy, but please do see the British Association of Music Therapy website for more information:

Using a combination of these and my teaching skills, I devise workshops using either practical music-making or listening to recorded music (via Zoom or in the workplace) to look at group dynamics, better understanding within teams, relaxation and stress management.  I can plan workshops specifically to address post-Covid 19 issues such as returning to office based work, rebuilding a sense of team and rapport.


For more details, see the Re:Attune page

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